Five New Year Resolutions For The Family

Russian Christmas is celebrated later then in other places, including the United States and most of Europe. Most Russian Christians belong to the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Cjhurch uses the old Julian calendar to schedule holidays. Since they use a different calendar, their Christmas celebrations are thirteen days later, on January 7.

The smartphone is our most personal of personal computers. There are already one billion in use. I predict this number will grow to at least 3 billion — by 2018. The multi-trillion-dollar smartphone market is remaking computing, technology, Silicon Valley, of course. But also…learning, work, entertainment, publishing, retail, culture and politics.

Some other employment advice is not to leave the laid off employee hanging. This is certainly a sad time for them. Be compassionate and encouraging. Don’t act as though happy new year you don’t care. If there is information you will need from them, get it before their last day of work. Otherwise, it may be difficult to contact them to get what you need.

A weight loss plan of action should consist of a chain of events that eventually leads to a healthy and toned body. It is a series of milestones designed to push the body beyond its daily tasks. The plan would open with a mission statement and close with the specific details. The plan of action would include a starting and ending date. The goals would be finite and measurable. A weight loss plan of action would answer the who, what, when, where and why.

Try doing about 100 to 300 abdominal exercises on a daily basis to help further massage the GI tract. These exercises will cause an increase in the intra-abdominal pressure which in turn will put pressure on the GI tract to help push the old mucoid plaque through. I have had a patient who reportedly lost 8 pounds in one week by doing 500 abdominal exercises every day!

It is the degrading of food in our gut that contributes to the presence of intraintestinal parasites, slowing down of peristalsis, and the lowering of internal body pH. Most of this rotting food is due to the ingestion of highly processed foods such as table sugar, table salt, fried foods, and foods that are canned, pickled, frozen, cooked, or chemically altered such that our cells can not uptake nutrients in their original natural form.

The legend of Babouschka has returned to Russia. Babouschka is said to be a woman who helped to direct the Three Kings to Bethlehem to visit the Baby Jesus. She was invited to join thte Wise Men, but declined because of the cold. She changed her mind, but by that time the Wise Men were gone. Babouschka continues to spend Three Kings Day delivering presents and she seaches for Jesus’ crib.

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