How To Use The Apple Iphone To Keep New Year’s Resolutions

It’s over 2 months into the new year which is often the time when about 97% of people give up on their new years fitness goals because their workout routines aren’t getting results.

That’s the opposite of what you’re trying to do isn’t it? On top of that, it’s just plain boring and you can make better use of your home fitness routine by performing higher intensity intervals and full-body resistance training workouts can burn more calories both during and after the workout.

If you need help around the time of your birthday, you should be thinking about who is the best person to support or advise you. One thing is for sure, you shouldn’t try to continue on your own when no man is an island.

As a Piscean you often sense how people feel without them putting anything into words. In November, however, you might be overly sensitive to those who are depressed and miserable. – Don’t spend too long with them or they could make you melancholy too.

Johnny the Journey Man. Must you travel? Is it compulsory, can you make it another period? Think about that journey and what it will do to your pocket before you set out.

Buy happy new year Now and Pay Later. They may also tell you to buy now and pay later. They are not helping you, what they are simply saying is “eat your future before you get there”. Buy only what you can afford to pay for now and preserve your future.

Your home workout routine includes too many light weight exercises- There is this old myth about how light weight exercises can help tone and sculpt lean muscles and that if you lift heavier weights you’ll develop big “bulky” muscles. All of this is absolute nonsense!

This year Las Vegas is at the top of our list as the number 1 celebration destination for New Years Eve. Most of the major celebs are bringing in the new year in Sin City. Everyone seems to be making there way to Vegas with parties being hosted by Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Diddy to name a few. Clubs like LAX, Tao and Pure are throwing some of the biggest parties of the year. Shows such as Disney’s The Lion King and Blue Man Group are sure to be a hit New Years weekend.

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