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Couch surfing basically started as a form which involved free lodging of college students and students who have recently graduated in somebody else’s place. These students either did not have enough money to stay in a hotel or they did not find any proper room or roommate. So they stayed at somebody else’s place and slept on somebody else’s couch without giving any rent. Now days the concept of couch surfing has reached different levels. It is not only limited to college students staying at somebody else’s place for free, now days travelers from different parts of the world do this. Now the term stands for the system of travelers staying at an unknown person’s house and seeing new places and meeting new people.

Also, remember where you work can also get discounts and not just at the car rental and hotel. Military. Teachers, union workers and hospital workers get discounts at a lot food places and shops all the time.

Bring clothes suitable for the weather. Remember that you are going to another continent and there are lots of differences between Australia and Asia. It would be a big help if you check first the weather condition of the country where you’re going before you get too excited in filling up your suitcase with unnecessary clothing. Most countries in Asia offer a warm climate so it’s better not to bring too much jackets and thick clothing.

And then you could always look on the net for relocation information, and you often get detailed info on the net thou it may take a few minutes to look up. In fact you could get more useful information on the internet than from a what to do siargao, such as information on real estate and the schools of the city. A web site could give you a good idea of schools in the vicinity. And what’s more, you could even send them an email before you arrive in the new place. That way you could meet the officials with a prior appointment.

Generally Beijing pubs and bars open around 5 or 6 in the evening and stay open until late night leaving everything else in Beijing with closed shutters. Featuring a perfect fusion of everything that you could ever dream of enjoying during nightlife in Beijing, Beijing pubs and bars welcome one and all.

India is also a place for spiritual tourism and there are many people from around the world who want to come to this nation to learn eastern philosophies and techniques of meditation. There are monasteries, secluded places in the Himalayas, river banks, beaches where a person can meditate and become one with divine. Lonely planet India rightly refers this country as beautiful destination for tourists.

Having organised everything in advance we came prepared with pre-booked tickets for the Gabriel Orozco exhibition. It was quite enjoyable. The artist used old tyres, bones and concrete as materials. So many different objects can be presented as art, it’s quite amazing. We then had a look around the permanent collection which was really interesting. Rothko’s work was particularly soothing to look at. As a child I would say things like ‘I could do that’ when I saw such a simple piece. As I’ve grown up I’ve realised working with huge blocks of colours and many layers of paint is not as easy as it looks. ‘Red on Maroon’ was my favourite and I found being surrounded by the paintings incredibly relaxing. Anna and I had a really good conversation there too, one of those deep and meaningful ones!

Sometimes the beauty of a book and its special appeal is not in the words, but rather in the illustrations! Here is a book that says a lot without saying much, which can sometimes be far more fun! Complex, highly imaginative drawings … endless amusing details not mentioned in the text. Children love discovering the “stories” told within the pictures.

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