Music To Reduce Stress

Did you know there are 681 commercial radio stations in Canada, and that 99% of Canadian households have radio? What’s your best guess as to how many people radio reaches every week? Got a number in mind?

If you’re a DJ just starting out or even been a professional DJ for some time, there are new ways and tips that you can use to improve your skills, that’s the fun part of being a DJ or even being a musician in a band and you have to be open to new tricks, it’s a way of life as well.

Do you have a good sense of their age brackets? Did you know that Radio Measurement allows you to narrow your audience of Adults aged 12+ into 37 different age breaks.

Whether you’re investing $5,000 for a one week new store opening or $250,000 to promote new wine sales in four major Canadian markets, you want to squeeze all the media muscle you can out of your budget.

“Crazy for You” can be heard on the 1995 album, Something to Remember. “Crazy for You” is a slight depart for Madonna, a very subtle song that while it remains in the pop category, is often heard on manitou springs radio stations. The song is quite beautiful and shows that Madonna has range, putting it into Madonna’s list of top ten songs.

They’ll never fumble with those MapQuest print outs again with the TomTom GO 630. It’s the ultimate car navigator, preloaded with maps of the US and Canada, featuring a 4.3″ full-color touch screen. State-of the-art technology allows the driver to input destinations by simply voicing the address and make calls hands free using integrated Bluetooth technology. $299.99. Staples.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for whom the Baby Mozart Music Festival DVD is named after, has become one of the most celebrated composers of all time. However, his musical achievements as a child are equally amazing. At the age of just three-years-old, Mozart was already playing the clavichord (basically, a small piano). One year later, he was already writing short pieces of music!

One other side note: KKSF, which dropped smooth jazz in favor of the area’s third classic rock station, moved up in August after two really bad months. That won’t smooth things out for angry smooth jazzers, however.

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