Shakira Hits 10 Million Facebook Followers [Youtube Video]

An interesting new survey finds that Britons are obsessed with Facebook. Granted, social networking is one technology that people cannot live without, but for it to become more vital than flushing a toilet is little bizarre!

So many people want to start a home business with no money at all. They’ve heard that you shouldn’t pay for a work at home job and apply that principle to their home business. Too bad things don’t work that way.

You can communicate announcements. If your church has a download twitter address and a Facebook Page (and it should have both) post your announcements on that feed. You can post them when they are timely instead of just on Sunday. Instead of announcing the Youth meeting on Sunday that happens on Friday you can post it three times during the week so that all have a chance of seeing it. And, bonus, the unchurched who are “fans” of your page (and you will have many) will get to see what your church is doing as well. You have a witnessing tool just by making announcements!

Facebook – Many online experts predict that a Facebook Fan Page will replace the standard email list by 2012. Think of it this way – if you sent 3 – 5 emails a day to your list, you would get unsubscribes in droves, right? But if you post 3 – 5 updates a day to your Facebook Fan Page you would not only get unsubscribes, your list would grow as your updates are seen by others in the stream of your fans.

These business owners and entrepreneurs spend hours and hours sifting through endless names inviting and beginning the process of building relationships, hoping to find followers and friends to market to, just this can suck up your time in a day. If you do not manage your time well you will lose money as these social networking sites can take you away from your core business practices that have helped you grow your business in the first place, simply because you are hoping they grow your business more quickly.

The first thing that you would notice about this phone would be the wide screen. Most phones have small screens so you can’t really see the good quality of the pictures and the videos. Many people who purchased this phone agreed that the big screen is a big plus. Watching videos and movies is definitely better. If the movie has subtitles, you can see and watch it clearly. It is also touchscreen so it makes it easier for a lot of users. Touchscreen phones are very popular nowadays so it is another good feature.

I see this type of missed opportunity over and over again. Someone will send a public reply to someone else with a great article link. The second person will respond thanking the person for the link BUT WITHOUT PROVIDING THE ARTICLE LINK IN THE THANK-YOU TWEET.

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