Why Must All Women Love Jane Austen?

Self sabotage is by far the number one activity that derails our lives. Sure, other people and events can come around that will derail us, but more often than not, we are our worst enemy. Often self sabotage appears subtle, it infects our thoughts so seamlessly that we do not even realize we are self sabotaging. Its very sinister. However, with some reflection we can come to realize the patterns. Here are a few of the patterns that I realized not only in my own life but in the lives of the people I have encountered. See if you can see yourself in some of these.

What’s better than an hour long drama on television chalk full of angst, self-discovery, love, and peer pressure? The answer is simple: dive into the pages of a Young Adult belles-lettres novel. The beauty of this genre is that it speaks to teens, is written in the perspective of teens, and allows for everyone to connect to something. Merely peruse the teen section of any Barnes and Noble or Borders and readers of all types will see that variety runs rampant between the shelves.

The literature novel Method As we mentioned earlier everyone learns differently. Some do very well through books. They can read it; retain it and typically they can pick things up by writing it over and over. Still others learn faster when listening to audio tapes. The sound of the words flows easily into their minds and are then retained with ease. You have to know what will work better for you.

Both were born after their mothers had been barren for a long time; and both were hated by their brothers; both were met by angels at various times. Joseph is extolled by the Rabbis for being well versed in the Torah, for being a prophet, and for supporting his brothers. According to Phinehas (the grandson of Aaron, and son of Eleazar the high priest), the Holy Spirit dwelt in Joseph from his childhood until his death. So Joseph and his father, Jacob, shared much in common, with the exception of the deceitful nature of Jacob. Remember: Joseph, being pursued by Potiphar’s wife was not deceitful and suffered for years because of it.

Flowers are romantic. Since ancient times, flowers have been used to convey the feelings of the heart. We find the mention of flowers being offered by the lover to his beloved in several old as well as new literatures. Flowers can cast their spell on almost anyone, rather on everyone. Flowers have the tendency of capturing hearts and converting minds. That’s why they are used for the purpose of flirting and seduction. Flowers create a magic in the hearts of people.

So my job now is to make people laugh, because that’s what I’m good at, just like my brother, who is a police sargeant, is good at protecting people. We all have our thing we’re good at. The trick is just to figure out what that thing is.

Who says you have to stay seated during story time? Encourage your children to get up and act out the story as you read. After the story is done, reenact it. For even more fun, create simple costumes and use your video camera to record the play. Your child will love seeing himself on the big screen.

I’m grateful today for the gift of a healthy fear of God. It is His gift to me so that He can further gift me with wonderful grace and joy, unspeakable and full of glory.

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